Design Steel Co.Ltd. As a small workshop in 2004 with construction activities related to steel construction has started and is currently in the Industrial Area City Organza 11200th m2. 6200 m2 open area and continues to operate with. At the same time surely continue to grow and new investments. Our domestic and foreign companies in the construction industry with experienced staff have successfully completed many important projects and new road projects are underway.
Structural steel buildings, industrial buildings, shopping centers, art forms, custom-quality engineering, structural strengthening works constitute the scope of our company.
Domestic and foreign staff with experience in the manufacturing sector without sacrificing the quality of modern and contemporary engineering technology with an understanding to be a reliable brand.
Our mission;
Enters our field of activity in business matters,
– Design of Steel ID to always keep the upper level,
– The needs of our customers to produce the most appropriate engineering solutions,
– Scott steps to grow with new projects.